Hiroya Yosikawafs Profile

Professor at the Department of Law and Economics, University of Okinawa, Japan.

Director of the Japan Venture Business Society
Prof. Yoshikawa has over 35 years experience in research in economics, commercial science, and regional development.  He has been advocating gAction Research,h synergy between research and practice, and struggling to improve the entrepreneurship movement in Okinawa. In addition, to advocate the advance of unique, original goods and services of Okinawa into mainlandfs markets, Prof. Yoshikawa studies the theory of venture business, advocates reform of Okinawafs venture, and supports and coordinates actual venture companies not only in Okinawa but also between the mainland and Okinawa.

1942 Born Dec.19,Tokyo
1966 B.E. from Nippon University, Department of Scienceand Engineering
1968 M.A. from Nippon University, Master of Commercial Science.
1971 Chief Researcher of Institute for Policy Science, Japan.
1978 Assistant Professor of Institute of Socio-Economic Planning at Tsukuba University.
1982 Guest Professor of Environmental Engineeing Division at Asian Institute of Technology (Bangkok,Thailand).
1995 Professor of Department of Law and Economics at University of Okinawa.
1995 Dean of Department of Law and Economics at University of Okinawa.
2003 Dean of Graduate School of Okinawa Univ. School of Contemporary Okinawa Studies
2007 Establish Yosikawa Laboratory Co.,Ltd.
2008 Retire from Okinawa University
q Publications Selection or in English r
1975 gThe Foundation and Apprication for Environmental Assessmenth, 378p, Kashima PubleshersD
1980  gThe study of low cost housing project in Cengkareng (Jakarta, Indonesia)h,pp.29-32,46-54,hFoundamental data of the study low
@@@@costhousing projecth,pp.26-59, Japan International Cooperation Agency.
1980  gThe synthesis of ecological planning and its appricationh, Japanese ? American Environmental Conference.
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2000 gOkinawafs Great Trading Renaissanceh,Pacific Friend,vol.28,No.3,pp.26-27.

<Drawing on my experience of Regional Promotion>

In this seminar I will present real, experienced examples of regional promotion projects.
@The themes and content of these regional promotion projects vary according to the social needs of the region concerned. Similarly, the regional promotion projects I have worked on have changed from those springing from internal origins to the more recent regional venture businesses.@@@ The following examples are drawn from my experience, and can be applied selectively to suit the needs of the countries and participants involved in other projects.
The details of my experience of Regional Promotion 
What is a desirable region, and what is development?@
Evaluation of development@

q Honors and Awards r
1969 The Established Memorial Prize,h The Regional Development Based on Participatingh, Awards from Japan Regional Development @@ @ @@@Center.
1975 The Prize for Environmental Sciences,hThe theoretical Study of Environmental Assessmenth,Awards from Environmental Agencyand @@@@@Industrial Daily News .
1981 The Prize for International Association,hAn Approach to the Sociology of knowledge for Different Culturesh, Awards from Association @@@@for Promotion of International Cooperation.
1989 The prize for Okinawa Publication culture of 10th,hThe publication for Space Structure of Naha Cityh Awards from Okinawa Times @@@@@@Press.
1991 The Prize for Okinawa Research Scholarship of 12th,hTheory and Action Reserch of Open Port for Yonaguni Islandh(From Remote @@@@@@Region Policy to a National Border Policy)h,Awards from Association of OkinawaD
2007 The prize for Japan Venture Awards of Director General of small and Medium Enterprize Agency.
Prize for Japzn Venture Awards,2007
Is there Any Potential for Venture Business in Okinawa? (PDF)
VIEW POINT  Okinawafs Great Trading Renaissance(PDF)
Strong Ties with China\ Giving concrete form to an Okinawa-Fujian economic zone \(PDF)
Back from the edge, turning a policy@for under-populated regions into a border policyiPDFj
@This report was compiled as the minutes of the keynote speech to a symposium of the same name, which took place in Yonaguni on 4th July 1987. This report is rather old, but I have included it in this course as it clearly shows the authorfs start in the community development field, and his basic attitudes.